Saturday, May 2, 2009

i lost my chance to say...

I never dreamt it'd be this way .
I've lost any chance for me to say ,
to say that I miss you, say that I love you .
Will someone please tell me I'm okay .
I wasn't prepared for what's to come.
A life made of memories gone so young and now I'm regretting all I've done but in your heart know that I'm with you all along .
Wherever you go , I will be waiting .
Whenever you call ,
I will be there .
Whatever it takes ,
I'll make your darkest days so bright .
I'm in your heart tonight .
I never thought that this could go and take me away from all I know and leave me to think I'm on my own but your love will take me ,
you were the one who sat through nights , you held me tight and made sure I'm okay and I thank you for the love you gave to me .

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