Friday, November 26, 2010

Are You in a Boomerang Love Relationship?


1. You leave your relationship because you're hurting so badly – but then go back in, drawn to the good side of the person you love.

2. The good side of the person you love doesn't stay – the hurtful side keeps coming back.

3. Your partner lures you back to the relationship with promises that the hurt won't happen again, flowers, candy, and demonstrations of love.

4. You lure yourself back to the relationship by giving the hurtful person excuses for their behavior (had a bad day, job is bothering them, etc.).

5. Each time you return to the relationship, when the hurtful behavior happens again, it's worse than before.

6. Your hurtful partner seems to have walls of protection around them, but in the beginning stages of your relationship, you penetrated them easily.

7. As time went on, your partner's walls of protection seemed to go back up at unexpected times, leaving you feeling rejected and abandoned.

8. Your hurtful partner is moody – switches from nice guy to anger quickly.

9. Your hurtful partner is very slow to forgive others and hangs onto hurts.

10. Your hurtful partner is never wrong – you're always the one at fault.