Friday, January 8, 2010


We talk around
Talking to complete strangers
Laugh for absolutely no reason at all
Have stooped fight that are over in 10 minutes
Attempt to dance and sing like
They do in music videos
Have a billion ‘you had-to-be tere’ times
Hang up on the bitch that has a problem
with one of us
Make fun of each other
When we walk into stuff
Act like we’re all on crack
And no matter what happens
we’re always there for each other
through good times and bad..
I will stick up for you
When you are being put down
I will always have your back
I deserve all your frust and love
I will lend you my shoulder when you sad
I can make you laugh whenever you feeling sad
I don’t care what others think about you
I will never jugde you
I will make you feel safe
I don’t care if you are crazy or quite
I will give you my innocent heart to love you
I will never forget you
Because meeting you and being your frens
Is the most precious gift from GOD..

Dedicate speacially to: All my good friends who stay warmth in my heart  (frens u know who u..r.)

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