Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interesting things about me?

1. I've never had a broken bone

2. I met my 1st adopted cat in the bush when my parents moved in Sabah. Second cat dat I found and adopted was a cat with ears dat been cut off by someone vry cruel! Poor kitty~

3. When I was doing my stuff, cleaning and laundry suddenly a flying stupid cockroach, by accident landing and kiss my innocent lips! Arghh~!! I almost died! – I was shocked and I couldn't breath~jerks! [True horror story]

4. The week before SPM I lost my identity card. Someone stole my purse.(even worse I knw who did it!!!)

5. I've won The Best Script in Monodrama-USM with Rm1000 and trophy. The script is totally my hand make and a true story bout my life.

6. When I was in high school, I wanted both of my ears pierced, my parents refused, so I did it w/a needle & ice! LMAO by myself-- it didn't last long, but I got what I wanted. to this day, I still want to get my ears pierced [professionally] but I haven't yet & my frens don't like the idea, which is what's holding me back, but I'm okay with it now... :(

7. I finally got crush with someone 2001 >>1st love? Aha! Maybe yes and maybe not! :p ironicly we study at the same school but i never got a chnces to tell that guy bout my feeling(I quit pasif n shy>>dwuh!). Until one day I heard really bad news bout him.He died in heart cancer.So I declared my 1st love is never ever actually happen.(dramatic huh)

*But I will love sum one dun wori..coz I got only 1 heart to share 4 rest of my life.*

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  1. first of all thanks yoyo for this english notes so i can understand it,,,,,the note about stupid coackroach and that u kissed it.....really remeber a programe named fear factor extreme that the player eat this stupid things like coackroach,,warms....about ur purse really it's an accident that also happened to me ,,it was horrible and don't want to remeber that...for ur first love,,im sry for u i know that was painful but goodluck in ur new life insha2allah.....:)thanks again yoyo