Friday, February 12, 2010


Research show that Asian Hair is rounder, thicker, straighter and has more cuticle layers and sharper slant compared to Caucasian hair..However, due to this unique structure, Asian hair is more prone to rapid protein loss exposed to chemical treatment, blow-drying and UV rays. Hence, Asian hair requires extra care to stay HEALTHY!

humpph..Characteristics ?
>>characteristics of Asian hair : cross section is almost round, straight and does not tangle easily, thick and supple..
>>characteristics of Western hair : cross section is oval shaped, tends to be wavy, thin and less supple. 

For~the perfect blend of nourishing and natural ingredient to penetrate into hair fibres to repair and nourish while leaving hair ultra smooth and supple,..make sure find a perfect SHAMPOO for our hair!yeaay~

p/s: for my hair...this is what i owez used..smeel sooo gud!softer smoother and wen i sniff~ummph!..yeeay bestnyerr..heheh^_^ 

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